Cevapčići and Sangria (not together, maybe next time)

3 Jul

Cevapcici is probably the quintessential traditional food of Sarajevo, and as I passed by a place in Old Town serving it on the way to meet Rachel at BBI, I knew I had to get some today. After working for a bit (well, she worked), we went back to that same place in Old Town. Totally worth the 10/15 minute trek.

Cevapcici is grilled minced meat wrapped in, or just served with, Lepinja (a white bread that is somewhat similar to hummus) and is a legacy of the Ottoman Empire. Bon appetit, or as they say in Bosnia, Prijatno!

Cevapcici is delicious. Recommended to meat eaters!

So, after getting lunch, Rachel and I had delicious gelato (hazelnut is my favorite!). After walking around Old Town for a bit longer and doing some window shopping, we met up with Sonja, one of the program directors, and she showed us this seriously cooky place. It totally reminds me of Portland, especially that crazy dessert place (Kelsey, what is the name of it??)!!

Totally crazy looking, and the sangria was delicious!


3 Responses to “Cevapčići and Sangria (not together, maybe next time)”

  1. kelsey820 July 3, 2011 at 11:01 PM #

    RIMSKY’SSSS! Which is so funny because the day you left I texted you about Rimsky’s. Yum yum yum. Can I come visit?

  2. Anna Mason July 4, 2011 at 9:18 PM #

    The meat dish scares me a little bit…. are you sure it’s good? lol

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